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Tax Planning is an important component of a well-rounded financial plan. At St. Charles Financial Services, we can help maximize your income today, so you can plan for tomorrow.

Our holistic approach to financial planning includes a thorough analysis of where you are spending money and accumulating wealth. A tax-advantaged strategy identifies different methods to help accomplish your financial goals while potentially reducing your tax burden. This is one of the differences between tax preparing and tax planning — taking a reactive approach versus a proactive one. After all, your money can go farther when it stays in your control.

An experienced tax planner can also answer frequently asked questions, such as:

  • What income is (and isn’t) taxable?
  • Will I be taxed on a withdrawal from my retirement plan?
  • How can I potentially lower the amount of money owed on my annual tax return?

Contact St. Charles Financial Services to set up a consultation about creating a personalized, tax-efficient retirement income strategy that is built with your goals in mind.

Tax Planning Strategies

When developing a tax-efficient strategy, we look at more than just the income taxes you pay to federal, state and local entities — we also consider the interest those funds could have earned along the way. One method which may help minimize taxes and optimize future returns is to invest your capital into tax-diversified assets.

Our retirement tax planners use a variety of strategies to help you accomplish your goals, including:

With changes in legislation and tax bracket thresholds, the factors that could impact your after-tax income regularly shift. It is important to be aware of these possible updates in order to potentially reduce your tax liability and plan for a comfortable retirement. That’s where an experienced tax professional can help.

It is impossible to predict how tax laws will change in the future, but with careful planning, you can be better prepared for a shift in the economy.

Our Tax Planning Services

The team at St. Charles Financial Services has experience consulting with a variety of clients: from high-net-worth individuals and executives to local families and business owners in the St. Charles area. Our approach to wealth management includes these tax planning services:  

Examining the Three Types of Money
Your finances can be categorized into three groups: transferred money, accumulated money and lifestyle money. Many other firms focus on the accumulated money you are saving and achieving greater potential investment returns— but we believe we can better serve our clients by helping them avoid losses in transferred money first.

Identifying Inefficient Strategies
Involuntary and unnecessary wealth transfers, such as taxes and non-deductible interest, can be restructured to better support your financial goals. After identifying these opportunities, your St. Louis tax planner can explain alternate strategies to help save for retirement, build an estate plan or make a charitable contribution.    

Setting Your Customized Plan in Action
Our goal is to help build a financial plan that achieves your goals, which reflect your unique lifestyle and future priorities. Whether you need assistance in tax planning for retirement or are simply looking for a new financial professional who will deliver the superior customer service you expect, we want to go after your dreams together. 

Connect with a Tax Planning Professional

Taxes can be complicated, confusing and downright frustrating. You do not have to navigate this complex process alone — the team of tax planners at St. Charles Financial Services can help you maximize your wealth plan. Our team will identify and explain different tax-efficient strategies to help your money potentially go farther and grow faster.

Are you looking for an experienced retirement tax planner in St. Charles? Call the SCFS office during business hours at (636) 946-0001 or submit a contact form to discuss our tax planning services.  

This material has been provided for general informational purposes only and does not constitute either tax or legal advice. St. Charles Financial Services, LLC does not provide tax and/or legal advice. Please consult with a tax or legal professional for additional guidance regarding tax-related matters.


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